We love being flies on the wall to see how celebrities live. That's why reality TV is so popular. Real estate experts, Ruby Homes did a deep dive to find out what the most popular homes in Hollywood are.  Who is number one on the list?  Well, let's just say it's a good thing weed is now legal because this celeb is living his best high life in his house.

Here is a list of celebs that live in the Hollywood Hills and a video of the home you are most curious about.

Hollywood Hills Celebs Past and Present:

The Beatles: Musicians
Leonardo DiCaprio: Actor
Charlie Chaplin: Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Editor and Composer
Matthew Perry: Actor
Orlando Bloom: Actor
Laurence Olivier: Actor, Director, and Producer
Rudolph Valentino: Actor
Marvin Gaye: Musician
Venus Williams: Professional Tennis Player
Megan Ellison: Film Producer and Luxury Real Estate Investor. Daughter of Billionaire and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison
Hal Levitt: Modernist Architect
Jerrold E. Lomax: Modernist Architect
Judy Garland: Actress and Singer
Bette Davis: Actress
Madonna: Singer-Songwriter, Actress, and Sex Symbol
Peter Thiel: Venture Capitalist, Hedge Fund Manager, and Entrepreneur
Kanye West: Recording Artist, Record Producer, and Fashion Designer
Errol Flynn: Actor
Justin Timberlake: Singer-Songwriter and Actor
Jessica Biel: Actress, Singer, and Model
Delores Del Rio: Actress
Michael C. Hall: Actor
Ben Stiller: Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Director, and Producer
Bob Barker: Game Show Host of The Price is Right
David Lynch: Director
Bela Lugosi: Actor
Jenna Elfman: Actress
Penny Marshall: Actor, Director, and Producer
Jason Priestly: Actor
Charlize Theron: Actress
Jodie Foster: Actress, Director, and Producer
Meatloaf: Musician and Actor
Billy Idol: Musician
Rebel Wilson: Actress, Comedian, and Writer
Justin Bieber: Singer-Songwriter
Ava Gardner: Actress
David Hockney: Artist
Joel Silver: Producer
Jimmy Kimmel: Television Host, Comedian, Radio Personality, and Voice Actor
Halle Berry: Actress and Model
W.C. Fields: Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Juggler
Russell Brand: Comedian and Actor
Bugsy Siegel: Mobster
Christina Aguilera: Recording Actress and Actor
Carmen Electra: Model, Television Personality, Actress, Singer, and Dancer
Cameron Diaz: Actress and Model
Gloria Swanson: Producer and Actress best known for her role as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard
Casey Johnson: Johnson & Johnson Heiress and Socialite
Paris Hilton: Hilton Hotels Heiress, Socialite, Actress, and Entrepreneur
Rod Stewart: Singer-Songwriter
Stevie Nicks: Singer-Songwriter and Member of Fleetwood Mac
Marlene Dietrich: Actress and Singer
Nick Jonas: Musician
Keanu Reeves: Actor
Ashton Kutcher: Actor
Mila Kunis: Actress
Tobey Maguire: Actor
Courtney Cox: Actress
Katy Perry: Recording Artist and Actress
Meryl Streep: Actress
Aaron Paul: Actor
Darren Star: Television Producer
Gina Janss: Socialite
Joe Dahan: Founder of Joe's Jeans
Larry Flint: Publisher and First-Admendment Crusader
Jean Harlow: Actress and Sex Symbol
Wynona Ryder: Actress
Dolly Parton: Musician and Actress
Robin Thicke: Musician, Singer-Songwriter, and Actor
Paula Patton: Actress
Wilfred Buckland: Hollywood's first Art Director
Edgar Rice Burroughs: Writer best known for creating the characters of Tarzan and John Carter
Francis Ford Coppola: Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Businessman, and Founding Editor and Publisher of Zoetrope: All-Story
Nick Offerman: Writer, Carpenter, and Actor
Megan Mullally: Actress and Singer
Ellen Pompeo: Actress
Barbara Stanwyck: Actress
Martha Hyer: Actress
Marguerite De La Motte: Actress
Robert Edeson: Actor
Tyra Banks: Model, Television Personality, Producer, Actress, and Author
Fred Durst: Musician and Director
William Powell: Actor
Fay Bianter: Actress
Rosalind Russell: Actress
Phillips Holmes: Actor
Taylor Holmes: Actor
Chris Kattan: Actor and Comedian
Tyrone Power: Actor
Wim Wenders: Director
Patrick Stump: Musician, Singer-Songwriter, and Producer
Carrie Jacobs-Bond: Musician
George Melford: Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Producer
Helen Walker: Actress
Foster Carling: Composer
Carole Lombard: Actress
Vilma Banky: Actress
Kat Von D: Tattoo Artist, and Reality Television Personality on Miami Ink and LA Ink
Chris Brown: Dancer and Recording Artist
Alex Rodriquez: Baseball Player

This home has more than 52 million views on social media!  The number one house we are curious about is owned by rapper Wiz Khalifa.

I think people are most interested in his dab bar and a weed wall don't you?

Producer and DJ Zedd’s mansion is second with 47,213,280 views. The house is reportedly worth sixteen million dollars and is located in Benedict Canyon. I had NO idea Zedd was worth enough to have a 16-million-dollar house!

The third is Jessica Alba’s home which has received 35,146,040 views. Her house is a bargain at $10M.  Even if someone gave us one of these houses we could not afford to keep them because of the taxes!  That's sobering.

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