A few days ago, I told you about the new outdoor space that is set up on The Pier in Seaside Heights.

There are food trucks, servers ready to work and alcoholic beverages that can be purchased at nearby beach bars. And it all comes with a view.

But, this is only the beginning for this space on The Pier.

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According to Ben Mabie, one of the managers of the beachfront property, they are hoping to install a 17,000 square-foot beach bar, a banquet facility and a 28,000 square-foot beach club!

And lucky for you, we have been able to get our hands on images that give you an idea of what the final project will look when completed.

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Thank you to Daniel Condatore of MODE - Architects for putting these images together. A job well done.

NOW....I'm excited.

Let's take a closer look.

Here's What The Pier's Pool & Beach Club Will Look Like

Pretty impressive, right?

The hope is that all of this work will be done by Memorial Day 2021. So at the very least, we can make up for the not-so-normal 2020 properly next year.

Thank you to Ben Mabie for reaching out and getting us these photos!

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