Lou, Liz and Nancy finally got together for lunch....which only happens once every few YEARS! So here's the story behind who got us all out together and where we went.

There are very few people on the planet who can manage to get Lou, Liz, and Nancy Reamy into a room for a meal together -- and on their best behavior, no less. But Tom Hayes, our wonderful friend from NJNG, apparently has superpowers.

After only two months of trying to find a date we could all agree on, Tom got us all into a nice restaurant together for a wonderful lunch that lasted over 2 hours.

Thank you so much, Tom, not only for our lunch but for sponsoring, year after year, our Asbury Park Boardwalk studio every summer. We always look forward to discussing how to make our future summers even better with NJNG and the city of Asbury Park!

Tom took us to a place that the three of us had never been, so we were thrilled to try Cubacan on the Asbury Park Boardwalk.

From the view of the ocean to the amazing decor/atmosphere inside the restaurant, to the delicious Cuban food, we really had the best time and most wonderful meal. We tried everything from Octopus to Cuban street corn, soup to salmon, Cuban coffee to delectable desserts, and raved about it all!

Let's hope our next lunch together doesn't take another couple of years!

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