It has been a fantastic couple months awarding local businesses and individuals into our exclusive Point Platinum Club. The Point Platinum Club showcases the best of the best at the Jersey Shore and each winner is voted by you. When we love something at the Jersey Shore it's clear we do whatever it takes to show our support. Local pride is a beautiful thing and the LOVE for Jersey Shore night clubs was evident in our recent voting poll.

Each Jersey Shore night club that was nominated is special and brings a unique type of fun for all of us. I truly believe each night club could have been awarded into our Point Platinum Club but we can only choose the top voted. The top four was very close so I think it's fair we give a special shout out to The Parker House, Jenk's Club and The Columns. I have danced, partied and ate at all three locations and It's safe to say these places are classic Jersey Shore spots! Beachcomber Bar & Grill, Paradise, The Osprey and Porta also received votes.

That being said, DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... 94.3 The Point is pleased to welcome D'Jais into the Point Platinum Club as the Jersey Shore's best night club. Since 1959, D'Jais in Belmar has been the original Jersey Shore dance club and you can like them on Facebook by clicking on this link! Generations of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania residents have some of their favorite Jersey Shore memories thanks to D'Jais. They continues to offer an electric environment and will probably forever be a staple at the Jersey Shore. Congratulations to D'Jais and welcome to our exclusive Point Platinum Club!

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