We do a lot of things really good in New Jersey. We make great pizza, we curse up a storm, we make beautiful beaches and we can pay taxes like a champ. We also grow very good and very rich actors. As a matter of fact, we can lay claim to 15% of the top 20 richest actors for 2021. Can you guess who they are?

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We’re talking net worth here, according to Wealthy Gorilla, if that helps you make your best guess. I will tell you that none of them are real huge surprises, but I bet you can’t get them all.
We’ll list those three great performers for you from poorest (relatively speaking of course) to richest and we’ll give you one final clue. One of them is from one of our very own towns here in Monmouth County. One of the three you’ll never get because most people forget his Garden State connections. Here we go. They're worth over a billion dollars combined.

New Jersey's Richest Actors 2021

So there it is. The very impressive New Jersey slice of the richest actor pie for 2021. And they are of course just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Garden State talent. Sure it’s a bulk of the riches, to the tune of over $1.3 billion of net worth, but still the top of the iceberg.

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