How many times have you wanted an outfit from for a special occasion, but you didn't necessarily want to keep it for good? Some pretty big clothing brands will soon allow Jersey Shore residents to rent clothes.

Urban Outfitters is going to roll out a service that will allow you to rent clothes from Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People. It will all be done through a platform called Nuuly.

A subscription to Nuuly will set you back $88 a month and allow you six items every thirty days. Nuuly already offers items from vintage clothing dealers, various flea markets, and Reebok.

So, do you think this will work? In terms of cleanliness, this is no different than renting a tux or dress, right?

Plus, if you are into Urban Outfitters items and don't want to go to Red Bank for them, this is definitely more convenient. Anthropology has a Design Center at The Grove in Shrewsbury, and Free People is located there as well.

I think Nuuly is onto something here. Learn more on their website.

[source: BizJournals]



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