Don't tell me that you don't know who Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is!

He is one of the stars of MTV's Jersey Shore that unfortunately has been publicly battling some major legal troubles. But the good news -- sort of -- is that they will all be coming to a close this Friday (10/5) because the reality star will finally face his sentencing.

"Typically, a defendant who has this type of plea agreement does not go to prison and we're hoping Mike is not an exception to that," said Sorrentino's attorney, Henry Klingeman.

Now, either Mike can hope for the best since others with a similar case have avoided jail time or he needs to prepare for the worst because the judge may decide to make an example out of him since he is a public figure.

But another major part of this situation -- lol -- to keep in mind is that Mike has been on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Parts 1 & 2 and has given off the persona that he is a changed man. He is now engaged and while it may be what he truly wants, this could also be a tactic to soften up the judge. But did it work?

Just to remind you of Mike's crime, it is no secret that every single Jersey Shore cast member had a big payout from the series. However, when The Situation and his brother decided to create businesses to play into his stardom and not report their massive earnings, it ended up biting both brothers in the butt.

The Situation has plead guilty to cash deposits that were under $10,000 so the IRA would not be alerted.

Tomorrow is the big day. Keep your fingers crossed.

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