Every time it snows around Monmouth and Ocean Counties, it seems to bring "those drivers" out onto the streets.

Now, none of us like to drive on the slippery roads, but many of us can't avoid a lot of the things on our busy schedules, so we do have to hit the roads in bad weather. Most of us slow it down, take it easy and try to leave a little early. But not everybody.

There always seems to be one person who thinks they're a better driver than the rest of us, or thinks their 4 wheel drive is superior, or that their tires are magical. These people feel the need to travel at whatever speed they normally do, regardless of the weather or conditions as if they're not going to let the snow affect them or something.

Well, I think I speak for the thousands of us who aren't one of "those drivers" to kindly remind those who are a few things. You are not a better driver, your 4 wheel drive is probably not superior, your tires aren't magical and you have nothing to prove to the snow.

Just slow down, respect the conditions and give the rest of us a chance to achieve our goal of getting home safely, which is by the way, the same chance we're offering you.Thank you.

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