Not only do we have the good fortune of living at the world famous Jersey shore, but for many people, we get to run into some world famous people from the Jersey shore.

I hear stories from people who have seen Jon Bon Jovi shopping, and Bruce eating ice cream and Danny DeVito enjoying the summer sun. And just about everybody "used to hang out" with the Situation! It seems that almost everyone has an experience with running into one of our Jersey shore celebs.

Even I have one. I was backstage at a show once after introducing the band that was performing and that night there was a rumor that Bruce was showing up to make a guest appearance. All of a sudden the backstage door swung open, and in the middle of a sea of bodyguards, there he was.  Bruce was standing 5 feet away from me. I'm pretty sure they all thought the backstage was empty, so when they saw me, they politely asked me to exit. I didn't get a chance to talk to Bruce, but at least I have a story!

With so many people telling me their stories over the years, I started to wonder which celebrity gets spotted most around the Jersey shore. Take the poll and let us know! If you've run into more than one celebrity, you can vote for both.