Even in good relationships, apparently not everything gets shared. So what are the things women most often hide from their husbands?

An article at self.com lists the top things, and a few may surprise you. Here are some of them:

Health Concerns...When a woman has a concern about her health, especially ones that are perceived as major, she may decide to hide that from her husband as away to help him avoid additional stress, or to protect him, according to the article.

Bank Accounts...Women often keep some cash in a secret bank account in case the relationship fails. Experts say the account may give the woman a feeling of security, but if the husband finds out, there could be a feeling of betrayal, and he may wonder what other secrets are being kept from him.

Relationship Issues...Many women who feel they can't fix the problems in a relationship without outside help may schedule a therapy session to help decide the future of the marriage without her husband present, or even aware of the appointment. An expert says that personal sessions are helpful, but the husband "deserves to be involved" when issues involve him.



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