Experts say that some of the phrases you might be casually saying to your man might be things he'll never forget and may be hurting your relationship.

Have you ever told your guy that you think his belly is "cute"? If so, experts at Redbook say that may be playing on his insecurities about his body, even if he doesn't admit it. According to the article, many guys report the same body issues as women.

This one drives guys crazy. Have you ever had a little disagreement with your man and you don't know what else to say, so you blurt out, "Do whatever you want!"?  Of course you have, and it is exactly what a guy doesn't want to hear. According to experts, guys don't want to guess. They want direct answers. (Even though you probably feel like you've given him the direct answer 26 times, it's just not the answer he wants to hear.)

Many men questioned also said they don't want to look like a failure, so when you're in front of a salesperson and ask him, "Do you think we can afford that.", it makes him feel bad. Who knew guys were so sensitive, right?

So apparently, even though guys like to put on the tough front, they are clearly sensitive to certain things that they might never lead on to. So be very careful what you say, you might just be hurting his feelings.

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