I have experienced a lot of things during the holiday season in years past, but I've never experienced being done with my shopping this early, and it might be more stressful than not being done.

Had I known that being done early still made me nervous anyway, I would have just waited until the last minute like I usually do. I thought that being done would give me an opportunity to just sit back and let everyone else worry about the hustle and bustle. That worked for a while until the fear that I had forgotten something or someone set in.

I'm just not used to being ahead of schedule. I really do work best under a deadline, and this year I don't have to worry about one. Instead I'll worry about the people who will be left out because I forgot them. You may be one of them.

So, I guess being done early has given me the time and opportunity to compose a beautifully worded apology for not remembering to get them (or you) something. Here goes...

"To all my treasured family members/friends who have been erroneously left off my list this year, I apologize. In my quest to actually enjoy the holiday season before it actually ended, I shopped early. This got me off my normal routine and caused me to make mistakes I would never make under the pressure of last minute shopping. If it makes you feel better, I haven't enjoyed a minute of it. Next year, I shop on December 23rd, and we'll all be happy". 

Love, Lou

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