This Wall Township parking lot is so horrendous that it's one of the worst parking lots at the Jersey Shore. Am I actually about to go off and lose my mind because of a parking lot? Yes... yes, I am.

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I have no idea what the parking lot is called so let's just name it "The Old Kmart Parking Lot". However, the madness doesn't happen outside of the old Kmart building, the battle zone is in front of Jersey Strong and other popular Wall Township businesses. This parking lot is painfully congested, dangerous, and a nightmare to be driving in. It's like the second people pull in, all basic life skills get thrown out of the window. Everyone seems to fall into a trance, it's one big bubble of confusion!

All I was trying to do was get a haircut from Sport Clips. Instead, I found myself in a maze of aggressive people and automobiles. It was like a real-life video game. I almost ran over a patient who was coming out of CityMD Urgent Care. After successfully avoiding the patient, I swerved and narrowly missed an incoming exercise guru. Finally, I was able to exit my car and as I was walking in to get my haircut, I was clipped by a random car door from a person rushing into Bubbakoo's. Ridiculous! Keep in mind, it's still the easy level. When the new Target opens, the level of difficulty could multiply by five.

At the end of the day, I got a great haircut and escaped unscathed. I am looking forward to picking it up a notch when the new Target opens in the next few months. When entering this parking lot in the future, keep your head on a swivel and don't get blinded sided. P.S ... How about the French Toast at Meemoms!?!?

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