Have you ever gone on vacation, had lunch at a local fast food joint, and thought "I wish we had these back home!"

Listen, there's nothing wrong with that! Ocean County is home to some amazing food places, no doubt, but sometimes you want what you can't have. For me, it's In-N-Out Burger and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I may be a vegetarian, but In-N-Out has a cool "not-so-secret menu" which has a grilled cheese (literally a cheeseburger minus the burger) and when you ask for it (or anything) Animal Style, they put this amazing secret sauce on it. I find myself craving that on a daily basis, and I'm so sad we don't have one here in Ocean County.

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That inspired me to turn to you via our 92.7 WOBM Facebook Page. And you did not disappoint.

What out-of-state fast food joint would you love to see in Ocean County? Comment below!

Posted by 92.7 WOBM on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Here are the Fast Food Joins you want to see in Ocean County:

"Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers" - Ryan, no town listed

I had to look this one up! Freddy's has your regular burgers and fries, but they also sell these amazing-looking frozen custard sundaes - OMG. The closest location to Ocean County would be about 2 hours away in Pennsylvania.

"Krispy Kreme Doughnuts" - Dorothy, Toms River

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are pretty dang amazing. They're the perfect treat. And if you're craving some, you're not too far! There are locations in both Springfield and Collingswood NJ.

"Jack in the Box" - Frank, no town listed

I've personally never tried Jack in the Box, but this is another one I hear about pretty often. My Mom is a huge fan, and remembers them being in NY when she was younger, and misses it! Sad news though - the closest Jack in the Box restaurants to us are in Ohio or North Carolina (depending on which way you're going).

"In-N-Out Burger" - Jennifer, Toms River

It's so nice to see that someone else understands my love for In-N-Out! From what I hear, the burgers are great, the grilled cheese is great, the fries are great, the shakes are great! Are you ready to be heartbroken though? The closest chain is in Colorado.

"Bojangles" Lisa, Brick

Bojangles is a chicken and biscuits place! They have sandwiches, boneless chicken, salads, and desserts. There are a couple of close-ish locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Is there another fast food joint you have to see in Ocean County? Let us know!

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