There's been a post going wildly viral about popular burger chain In-N-Out opening here at the Jersey Shore, more specifically in Seaside.

And that's only partially wrong. But it's a big part.

That post somehow even sparked rumors that it was being built on Rt. 37 east of Fischer Blvd.

It looks like the original article from The Odyssey Online has been pulled, probably because the author didn't do her due diligence and/or a smidge of research.

The West Coast chain is opening a new restaurant in Seaside alright...Seaside, California. KSBW reports it actually opened last month.

As much as I'd love to dive into a double-double and some animal-style fries, it doesn't look like it's happening in Jersey any time soon!

(Don't worry, local spots have the best burgers anyway! The Ark, Jersey Shore BBQ, Harpoon Willy's, Bar A, Barnacle Bill's are just a few where you can amazing burgers!)

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