Most people think of cabbage as a green veggie that compliments a meat dish, like the ever-popular corned beef and cabbage that we all serve up on St. Patty’s Day (even though it is not even an Irish meal) but that is a story for another day.  What if I offered you cabbage as a dessert?  That's exactly how this bakery is serving it up and it has me curious.

New Jersey has something for everyone and yes, we have more than pizza.  

The Food Network has been on this train for a while.  They even have a recipe for red cabbage cake.

This particular Korean bakery offers everything from sweet rice donuts (which will rock your socks) to kimchi donuts which had me skeptical. 

Photo credit: Tous les Jours Facebook
Kimchi donut Photo credit: Tous les Jours Facebook

Kimchi is usually a salty and fermented shredded napa cabbage with seasonings.  It is made with different things in different ways but making it sweet confused me on paper. The kimchi donut/croquette is a soft, fluffy, fried donut, and imagine where the cream filling would go being stuffed with kimchi instead.  It is not sweet on the inside, that part still plays the role of kimchi so you are getting your sweet, salty, and sour here. It’s interesting, to say the least, but you need to know what you're biting into.

Do you want something on the sweeter side?  This was pretty cool too, you should try their milk break.  Almost forty percent of it is milk so it is, well you know, that word none of us can stand, let’s just say it’s not dry.  

Tous les Jours Facebook
Tous les Jours Facebook

There are lots of locations so they have fans!  What place am I writing about?  It is a Korean bakery with a French-inspired twist, called Tous les Jours and you can pop in for the cabbage donut in Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, Edison, Closter, and Paramus.

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