It's that time of year throughout the Great Garden State. When that summer heat fades into the rearview while those cool, crisp days appear straight ahead.

The fall season in New Jersey is full of great family festivals of all types. Everywhere you look there's something going on for family and friends.

Some of the biggest fall activities are no doubt pumpkin picking and hay rides. And let us not forget about apple picking.

Yes, the fall season throughout the Great Garden State is a wonderful time of year. And if you thought street fairs only occurred in the spring, think again.

Although street fairs in New Jersey typically go on hiatus during the colder and hotter months, they go full force in the spring and fall.

Food trucks and people at a street food market festival, blurred on purpose

And now that the fall 2023 season is marching on, so are New Jersey's fantastic street fairs. No matter where you are in the state, there's sure to be one happening not too far from you.

So if you missed out last spring making it to one of the many street fairs across the Great Garden State, you're in luck. New Jersey has plenty to take advantage of while the weather cools toward the holidays.

But don't wait too close to Thanksgiving as it'll be too late by then. Check out the fall schedule of many of New Jersey's street fairs below.

And be sure to check back as more may be added in the coming weeks, along with any updates that may also occur.

Fall Street Fairs, Festivals, and Events
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NJ street fairs return for the 2023 fall season

All New Jersey street fairs are listed in date order. Please note that some dates may have passed for the fall season.

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