We are working from home and staying home, so what things around the house seem to be getting extra attention?

The kids and work are getting the bulk of our attention of course, and those are good things, but there are parts of our house that are also getting extra attention with all this 'at home' time.

Here are just some areas of the home that may be getting more attention than they've ever had before...

Closets...Diane had her eyes on cleaning and organizing the closets that I have turned upside down and crammed things into for years. So far, out coat closet, bedroom closet and the closet in Jonathan's room have been tackled...and by tackled I mean she cleans and I complain about all the stuff she's throwing out.

Refrigerator...We all had that jar of pickles from 2009 way in the back of the bottom shelf, but not anymore. We try to get as much as we can each food shopping visit, so the 8 year old jar of maraschino cherries we had from that drink we tried that one New Year's Eve had to go. Time to make room for the edible stuff.

Dressers...I know you love that Backstreet Boys concert shirt, but in times like these, tough decisions have to be made. We all have clothes that we haven't worn in a long, long time,and let's be honest, we don't even want to know if it still fits. So, the dressers get a little lighter because of this virus.

I'm sure if you ask the people who collect your garbage, they'd confirm that their pick ups include more than food scraps and empty food containers lately, because the great 'home cleaning of 2020' is on at the Jersey Shore.

And if that's all you had to deal with during this time, consider yourself very lucky. Hopefully you stay healthy and safe during this pandemic.

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