UPDATE (1/16/20): Edie's mother reached out to me and said that the response to the organ donor request has been overwhelming. Doctors are combing through submissions and have narrowed down the criteria to:

  • Between the ages of 21-30
  • Blood type O or A
  • Under 100 lbs.

If you or someone you know fits that description, please: email EdieTheExtraordinary@gmail.com.

The O'Neill family would like to thank everyone who applied and shared their daughter's story from the bottom of their hearts.

Edie Rose O’Neill is the 3-month-old daughter of Bridget and Justin O’Neill of Red Bank. At two weeks of life, Edie became sick with an undiagnosed liver disease.

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On Saturday, January 11, Edie’s health quickly deteriorated and she was rushed to Jersey Shore Medical Center before being airlifted to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The only chance for this precious little girl to live is for a stranger to make the ultimate donation.

Bridget O'Neill via Facebook
Bridget O'Neill via Facebook

Edie is in need of a liver transplant. Her parents are searching for someone to be her living organ donor. Due to the fact that Edie is so young and small, her doctors are looking for a very specific donor profile (see above.)

Edie's parents understand that this is a major thing to ask of a complete stranger. It is a huge commitment, and it comes with risks. The reality is, you never know who is out there and will see this. Let's use the power of the Internet and social media for good, and save this local baby's life.

If you're interested or are seeking more information, email EdieTheExtraordinary@gmail.com.

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