Okay....I don't know if you have ever thought of this Big Brother related idea before but when a friend of mine recently explained it, my mind was blown!

So who here has a New Jersey EZ Pass?

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And who here also has ever had to battle against EZ Pass because of a violation?

Well get ready because if my friend is right, even more are on the way.

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A majority of us use those chunky white tags that stick to the top of the drivers window on your car.

The idea behind it -- or one would think -- is that the tag can remain there 24/7 so you don't have to hassle at tolls and what not.

But what if they start issuing speeding tickets from these same tags?

Hear me out.

Let's say you get on the Garden State Parkway and pay the first toll you come across using the Express Lane....ya know, the ones where you veer to the left and you don't have to slow down?

Based on how fast you reach the next toll plaza, the speed you were going in-between could be figured out and ......wa la!....Speeding violations could start arriving in the mail left and right if this system ever comes to fruition. Kinda scary if you think about it.

And if they are using straight up math to calculate your speed, there will be no more breaks on our New Jersey roads.

I have been pulled over speeding before deliriously tired and the cop gave me a break by marking a lower speeding bracket to save me a few bucks. Yea...that would be over.

There has been no official news on any system like this being launched. But it is something to think about as far as I'm concerned.

But who are we kidding....the idea of Big Brother is already at large.

With EZ Pass and smartphones, our location could be pinged at almost any moment. Based on what we search for online or and talk about on the phone, ads for things we expressed interest in pop up while scrolling the internet moments later. (We've all had it happen) 

But if Big Brother is already here, then that means from here on out it will only intensify.

Buckle up your seat belts kids, because this EZ Pass idea is only the beginning.

Any other Big Brother experiences or ideas? Email me at Nicole.Murray@Townsquaremedia.com.

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