The results are in, and very surprising - well to me at least. It turns out that people here at the Jersey Shore are not as invested in the environment as I am with the uptick in pollution during the summer only getting 9.8% of the vote. That wasn’t the worst category, though. The Heat got only 1% of the vote. (I mean it’s summer who isn’t going to like the heat).

What was really interesting is what happened an hour before I closed the poll last night. “The Typical Benny” category was neck and neck with the Traffic category, and at one point was even in the #1 spot. Well, it’s good news for our non-local friends because it seems as if traffic annoys people the most during summertime as it gets 31% of the vote in our poll. “The Typical Benny” received 29% of the vote - so yeah, it was close.

Crowds came in an honorable 3rd place with 19% of the vote.

The best part about this poll was the “other” option that I decided to put in where people can write their own comments. One user mentioned how much they hate Mosquitos in the summer (GREAT POINT), another mentioned how much they hate New Yorkers (I guess they didn’t see the Benny category), and another expressed how much they hate seagulls (I think they’re kinda cute, don’t judge).

So that's the verdict! Traffic narrowly beating out “The Typical Benny”. So what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below!

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