There is one Jersey Shore town that is not exactly spreading the love this Valentine's Day.

The Borough of Deal is currently being sued because the town sold a patch of land that was only valued at $160,000 to be purchased for $1 million by a private property owner which now may limit the public's access to the beach.

According to, "the Deal Board of Commissioners voted 3-0 in December to vacate the beach end of Neptune Avenue, a public street near Deal’s southern border with Allenhurst, and to authorize the sale of the .165-acre parcel for $1 million."

What does this mean for residents? That this beach access point may be no longer accessible to the public which doesn't sit well with most.

“It’s a sad day in Deal," said resident Barbara Coffey, who fears moves by the borough will eliminate other access points at the end of Roosevelt Avenue and a path used by surfers at Ocean Lane. "This is one of three access points the town they’re trying to get rid of.”

“It’s just a recurring problem not only happening in Deal, but up and down the coast here," said Andrew Chambarry, a lawyer and chairman of the foundation’s Jersey Shore chapter, who grew up spearfishing on the shore as a native of nearby Ocean Township. "Municipalities will vacate street access points to benefit adjacent homeowners, to keep the public away from the beaches that they have a legal right to enjoy."

There is one silver lining. The Mayor chimed in saying that this private land owner's generous purchase of $1 million will go towards other costs for the town that otherwise would have come from the residents' taxes.

I would just warn Deal to be careful -- you keep taking away access points one by one until there are none left. I mean, have you seen The Lorax?

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