One thing the Jersey Shore doesn't lack is scenery.  What town do you think is most easy on the eyes?  Expedia Viewfinder has singled one Jersey Shore town out for being awesome.  

Home to Bay Village Shopping Center, Fantasy Island and most importantly CHEG (Chicken or the Egg), Beach Haven earned the distinction of being one of the most scenic cities on the entire East Coast.

Expedia said:

The heart of Long Beach Island, Beach Haven is a charming seaside town that stirs up feelings of yesteryear. Its serene coastline is a summer oasis, and once winter shows up, snow sometimes dusts the shoreline. Stake out a swatch of sand and watch as the Atlantic waves lap the shore, and then venture to Bay Village, which is reminiscent of a 19th-century waterfront village.

Our tiny town is in good company.  There are 21 cities on the list and they include Block Island, Rhode Island, Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and Myrtle Beach. 

Check out these pics that further prove that Beach Haven deserved to be on the list.

And finally the most beautiful sight of all...


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