Let me tell you all a little story about prego Shannon.  If you knew me at that point in time you would have been impressed by my appetite, to say the least.  I was like a living, breathing Mrs. PacMan.  

Now that you have some context, I can tell you one of my favorite pregnancy moments. I was in Philly visiting my family when they asked, “so where does the pregnant person want to have lunch today?  Pat’s or Genos?”  My answer was both and I meant it.

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We walked to East Passyunk Ave and both cheesesteaks were calling my name. I felt it was my civic duty to try both cheesesteaks side by side, one after the other to determine once and for all who has the best lunch.

I started with Pat’s.  I ordered a “cheesesteak wit” since I wanted onions and I made the controversial move of adding provolone instead of Whiz (a.k.a. Cheese Wiz canned cheese). It was awesome.

Next, I waddled over to Geno’s to do my due diligence in professional cheesesteak research and I ordered the same way there.  It was also epic.  

My final determination was that Geno’s won in the end but that could very well be because it was the last taste in my mouth.  In any event, I’m stoked that Geno’s is coming to South Jersey so here is what you need to know.

You will be about to get yours exclusively at the e-restaurant for takeout on Olney Ave in Cherry Hill.  This new partnership will be the 8th place to join FoodieHall.  Don’t worry, you know I’ll totally keep you posted!

Don't forget to wash it down.

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