Our Sports Director and friend, Kevin Williams, has a beautiful daughter named Alex. And here's how lucky she was to meet this famous celebrity.

Alex went out to dinner for a pre-birthday celebration with her friends...

... and when she got up she turned around and there was Bradley Cooper!!!

The selfie she took with him is adorable and she is one lucky girl. She came on our show this morning to tell the story so hopefully, you got to hear it :).

If you didn't get to hear her tell it, she basically got really lucky. She didn't want to bother him while he was eating dinner (he was at a corner table dining with two other men) and not one other person in the restaurant got up to try and talk to him, either.

But as Alex was getting up to leave, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that Bradley was putting his coat on. So she walked slowly toward the front door to leave, and then pushed instead of pulling on the door handle. That's when she heard HIS voice behind her, saying "I got this", and he opened the door for her!!!!!

She had just seen A Star Is Born and told him how much she loved him in the movie and that it was her birthday, and he took this selfie with her :)

(Photo courtesy of Kevin Williams)
(Photo courtesy of Kevin Williams)

P.S. The restaurant they were at, by the way, was L'Artusi in NYC.

Why can't I get that lucky??!!

If you've had a run-in with someone famous, show us your photo!

In case you missed it, listen to Alex tell the story in her own words:

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