I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday when something caught my eye. The Monmouth County SPCA shared a photo of two absolutely ADORABLE puppies up for adoption...but it was something else in the photo that had everyone talking.

I couldn't help but laugh as woman after woman commented on the post about the hot guy holding the puppies. (I mean, really, add a bottle of wine to the photo and it's the swoon-worthy trifecta!)

The caption said he's been fostering the pups, which only seemed to fire up the comments even more.

Some of my faves:

  • "Is the one in the middle up for adoption too?"
  • "The hell with the dogs...can he foster me??"
  • "Does their foster dad need a home?"

I mean, seriously, I was cracking up!

Naturally, I needed to investigate...you'll be happy to know his name is Scott Crawford, and he's actually the shelter's Director of Operations!

I reached out to the SPCA hoping to chat with him -- at the very least to find out for you guys if he's available -- but haven't heard back. If he's not available, I hope he has a very understanding significant other! (For real though, hottie + puppies = #goals.)

As for the puppies, some good news: they've already been adopted!

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