If you're familiar with the Dunkin' on Lanes Mill Road, you're saying, "Sue, it's not a drive-thru." Nope, it's not, but soon it will be. In a brand new location just seconds away.

This Dunkin' is the one in a small shopping plaza, right down at the end of the plaza a Dunkin' drive-thru is being built and everyone's crossing their fingers it will open soon. If you've been in the Dunkin' in the shopping plaza on Lanes Mill Road, you know it definitely needs a make-over. They're getting a brand new location and make-over literally a couple of stores down from them.

Sue Moll
Sue Moll

I was just talking to the gang in the Dunkin' and I could hear the excitement in their voices talking to me about their new place.

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This whole area by this drive-thru Dunkin' is being re-built, including the Shell station right next door and the new Wawa construction. That whole area is being rebuilt. It was long overdue that Dunkin' would make improvements to that store.

From their iced Espresso drinks to their original coffee, Dunkin' starts the day with so many people. The Dunkin' drive-thru is always crowded, no matter what time. It could be 7 am or 3 pm there is always a line at my Dunkin'.

So what does this mean for Lanes Mill Road, easier access than running inside, which will save you time, hopefully? Speaking of Dunkin', Have you tried their Chocolate Croissant? It is so yummy, rich chocolate chips, it's just delicious.

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