Lasagna is an art form and we take it very seriously here in the Northeast.  Everyone tries to copy our cooking, but only a select few can ever master the perfect plate.  Love Food did some deep research to find the best lasagna across America, and each state had a shining star.  New Jersey's pick is spot on.

Photo by maryam jahanmehr on Unsplash
Photo by maryam jahanmehr on Unsplash

If you win “best lasagne” in New Jersey it is saying much more than winning it almost anywhere else.  We have our problems but getting the gravy right is not one of them.

So who got crowned the best lasagne in all of New Jersey? 

attachment-Trattoria La Sorrentina Outside

Trattoria La Sorrentina 

This would be an awesome Valentine's Day meal.  After all, Italians are pretty good in the romantic department too!

The lasagna Napoletana is Trattoria La Sorrentina's crown jewel and until now, kind of under the radar.  If you knew you knew but now the cat is out of the bag and it is time to get after it.

It has creamy, rich ricotta (you better be saying ruh-gut right now), mozzarella, and meat and tomato gravy that makes your mouth water. The cheese is melty and a bit crusty on top, whoa momma.  

Definitely, worth the drive to try New Jersey's best lasagna, in fact, I can't think of a better reason to drive at all.  They also cater in case you want to wow a crowd. There are lots of other stellar Italian spots to put on your bucket list here in New Jersey.  Here are some of those. #FoodGoals

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