Meet Milo, our sweet Point Pet of the Week.

Milo is quite exuberant, according to the Monmouth County SPCA. He is a year-and-a-half old Terrier mix who is all sorts of adorable.

He was surrendered as a puppy by an Ocean Township family after they decided he was too energetic for them. Milo is active, smart, and a boy of many talents

He would also make a true companion. He loves to be affectionate and sticks close to the people he loves-- like velcro!

(Milo, MCSPCA)
(Milo, MCSPCA)

Agility classes in the park are Milo's favorite thing. This boy has skills! Milo has all of his commands down pat and loves to show them off any chance he gets.

The ultimate match for this boy would be an active family that likes to go on long walks or hikes. He also loves a comfy couch to cuddle on.

If you're interested in meeting Milo, get the hours and location of the Eatontown MCSPCA by CLICKING HERE!


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