It is time to treat yo self this Summer, and Jenkinson's Boardwalk agrees 100%!

Along the beach, there are numerous yet very large cabanas that are now available to be rented.

No prices have officially been released but here is what we do know:

You can fit a large group, probably at least 20 people in these Cabanas.

These Cabanas also come along with waiters and waitresses serving you your desired beverages directly on the beach!

They are located behind the Jenkinson's Pavilion

To find out exact availabilities and prices, send an email to

Also keep in mind that if you have young children, the Cabana is the perfect "home base" for them to get a break from the Sun while you relax in the rays all day.

Check out their original Facebook Post so you can see a photo of the gorgeous scenery and cabanas!

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