This is the time of year when the American Stink Bug will try its hardest to get inside your home!

The good news? They don't bite or sting.

The bad news? They are so ugly! And if you SCARE one, they will get smelly (hey...just like a skunk, lol, only on a much smaller scale.)

If you see one, just beware that if you get too close or touch it, you could be in for a rancid odor.

And, indoor plant-lovers beware: These creatures, which were only introduced (accidentally) in 1998 in our country (they were supposed to stay put overseas where they came from) have been known to destroy entire crops, so they aren't so great to have around your plants.

But they could also sap all your fruit and veggies of their juice! GROSS!!!! And they especially love TOMATOES.

They get inside your home through small cracks in your walls, floors, foundation,windows, and door frames (especially if they are munching on the foliage of trees around your home)...and can scare the crap out of you just by the way they look -- so maybe check the other side of your shower curtain before climbing ink, LOL!

If you don't see them yet...they like to hide inside your walls. That is, until they come out and scare the crap out of you.

Good luck. Maybe just talk to them and let them be. They won't harm you, and they won't stink up your house that way. But if you do want them gone and can't figure out how to do so without the stench, the best way is to throw them in a jar with soapy water and seal it tight.

For gory details on other ways to rid your home of stink bugs, CLICK HERE.



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