When asked about the incident, Todd said he thought about his own kids that are under 3.

I saw the whole thing. Imagine being in the position of that child’s father when a ball is coming 120 mph at them…the ball his hooking and there’s virtually no time to react. It’s very tough.

Authorities say the girl was taken to New York-Presbyterian Medical Center with nonlife-threatening injuries.

Yankee Stadium has needed more and better safety netting for quite some time. The team says they are looking into it.

City Councilman Rafael Espinal Jr. said:

No one should ever go to a baseball game and leave severely injured. Nor should any player have to feel the guilt associated with injuring a fan, especially when that injury could have been prevented by safety nets.

Frazier was one of the many players who say enough is enough.

I think the netting should be up. I think every stadium should have it. Hopefully, [The Yankees] took a look at all this and they figure something out.

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