We have all been in this situation where you do a little road trip around the Garden State and in a few weeks, you see a nice little letter from one of the toll authorities, whether it's the turnpike, parkway, or expressway, saying that you owe some money.

How much is a toll administration fee?

If you have ever received this bill, you will notice that it is the toll plus an outrageous administration fee, of $50.

E-ZPass Customers Complain Of Overcharging
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When I first moved back to the area I could not find my E-ZPass. My account is still active and in good standing, so I ordered a replacement but within that time period, I had to travel along the Garden State Parkway.

Unfortunately, there are more plazas that I was using that do not have full service, cash options, still not convenient, but easier option to get cash than the now, $.70.  Also, was unaware of the "exact change" thing that this state loves so much.  Who uses change anymore?

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So, I got nailed for a few violations in the beginning until my E-Z pass arrived. This brings up a big question, and one that will soon be answered, If you have an E-ZPass account why can’t this be checked?

That clearly makes the most sense.  Instead of sending a running tally by mail.

E-ZPass, change, cash aside, If you have a plaza that is not full service at all, why not do a mail-in option? This is actually common practice on many toll roads. Including one that we recently traveled on in Florida. We didn’t have their Sunpass but you can stop and pick up an envelope to send in your toll.  With the outrageous administration fee in the complete waste of paper, you can see where the state is trying to just make money.

Now, there is a new proposed bill that could change everything.

New legislation could stop such toll violation notices for E-ZPass holders.

According to an interview done by NJ.com, Senator O'Scanlon, who sponsored this bill, showed his frustrations about the current state of how the toll authorities respond to violations, saying "No one should ever get a violation who has an E-ZPass account in good standing,” he continued, “I’ve gotten 30 to 50 violation notices over the past few years and I know others who have accounts in good standing who have gotten violations.”

This is going to be music to many people's ears.  If this bill is passed, then you may receive little no violations in the mail.  As long as your account is in good standing and your account is updated.


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