Toms River is taking part in the Code Blue initiative and as a result, has decided to dedicate a larger municipal space as overnight warming centers for the homeless.

This idea started up last year and a surprising number of people sought refuge during extreme weather conditions. Toms River residents actually showed up with food, water and other needed supplies.

This shelter will be open when the temperature falls below 32 degrees with precipitation or 25 degrees with no precipitation.

“It gives us more time to get people in and keep them warm, and it gives us more time to work with individuals — to help them,” said Paul Hulse, HAVEN/Beat the Street’s outreach director. “And we hope we’ll have more people volunteering now because they won’t feel like it’s just a church thing. It’s a community thing.”

The building that is being chosen for this project is not used very often and contains two floors.

The lower level will be used for sleeping quarters and can comfortably fit up to 20 people and the upper level can be used for service providers partnering with HAVEN/Beat the Street and the local nonprofit that will be in charge of the warming center for the homeless center.

These types of projects are run by volunteers, donations and organizations so if you are interested or know someone who may be, visit the original article HERE.

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