Halloween may have to be scaled back in 2020, but that doesn't mean we don't know how to spook it up properly.

A Jersey Shore town has been named in the rather prestigious list for Top 25 Cities to Celebrate Halloween in 2020!

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Toms River ranked number 19 in the entire country!!


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These results were calculated using four main categories.

1. Family Friendliness

Measured by: Percentage of residents 14 and younger, housing costs as a percentage of income and percentage of households with internet access for virtual celebration.

Toms River Ranking - 45.5/100

Okay, I know New Jersey stereotypes say we are not that nice but a below failing grade? At least our income for this area helps to make up for it.

2 Safety

Measured by: Seven-day moving average of new COVID-19 infection rates as of Oct. 17th, violent crime rate and property crime rate.

Toms River Ranking - 65.36/100

Our COVID-19 numbers are through the roof and slowly but surely, New Jersey is making its way back onto travel advisory lists. I am surprised we didn't fail this category to be honest.

3. Weather

Measured by: Precipitation probability and average temperature on October 31st.

Toms River Ranking- 56.03/100

The weather is just so unpredictable at the Jersey Shore. This failing ranking doesn't surprise me all that much.

4. Candy & Costumes

Measured by: Concentration of candy stores and costume shops.

Toms River Ranking - 93.85/100

There are places to get candy and costumes EVERYWHERE in Toms River and you know those businesses are busy nonstop this time of year!

Overall Ranking Index For Toms River: 65.20

Aren't we missing a pretty important category? I am talking about Halloween Spirit!

The Annual Toms River Halloween Parade -- which attracts thousands every year, by the way --may have had to be canceled, but our Halloween spirit is still STRONG.

I have seen costumes, candy and decorations everywhere and our spunk for the holiday has got to mean something for a study like this.

Whataya say we outdo our ranking this Halloween!?

Take a look at the full study HERE.

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