We have this conversation at the end of every Winter but the insane weather has left our roads a mess.

Well now, it is time for you to help with the clean up.

If you spot a pothole in Toms River, give a call to the Department of Public Works at (732) 255-1000 ext. 8140 to report it.

But the hard work is already in process to rebuild from this insane winter. Crews have filled 202 potholes since January and there are no plans in sight to slow down.

“The winter always takes a serious toll on our roadways,” said Director of Public Works, Lou Amoruso. “Our crews have and will be assessing pothole damage all over the Town and will make necessary repairs so that our residents and visitors enjoy safe passage.”

Back in 2017, over 1,400 potholes were fixed in Toms River so trust me when I say they are not kidding around.

For more information on what is going on in the Township of Toms River, click here.

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