Black Friday is here and the holiday shopping season is now in full swing. So what makes Black Friday so much fun?

As we only just begin to digest our Thanksgiving dinner, many of our minds instantly shift to Black Friday. We asked many lovers of this day about what makes it so awesome, and we came up with the top 3 reasons to love Black Friday.

The deals. It's the first thought out of most people's mouths when you say Black Friday. Get some great gifts and save some big money!

The tradition. So many Monmouth & Ocean residents have made it a tradition with family or friends, and some have even handed the tradition down the generations.

The atmosphere. So many of us love the hustle and bustle, the decorations, the sounds of Santa's ho ho ho, and the general holiday feel you can only get when you're out there in the middle of it.

So enjoy all the things that make Black Friday fun, and don't forget, I'm broadcasting live from Freehold Raceway Mall for the Black Friday edition of the morning show until 10:00am. Hope to see you!

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