When it comes to tension at the Jersey Shore, there is plenty to go around, and most of it is free. Let's be honest with ourselves and each other here and admit it. We are angry royalty when it comes to getting mad. But what gets us the most mad? You might be surprised at what the top answers in our informal survey were.

(photo: Facebook)
(photo: Facebook)

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Most of the responses we got fall into one category so we lumped them together, but we really think the other two answers in the top three will sincerely surprise you. Not that you won''t agree with their ability to annoy, you just might be a little shocked at how many people said it. And #2 is the big shock to me.

Here they are, from #3 to #1, the things that annoy Jersey Shore residents more than anything, according to our informal poll.

Things That Make The Jersey Shore The Most Furious

That's your top four. Hope you enjoyed the recap. Let's all take a big, deep breath and tryi to get through this day without encountering any of the big 4. Especially #3. That's a bad one.

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