I know, teenagers, do they believe? They want gift cards, clothing, and if you have a teenage girl, make-up. It can get difficult to get this age into the Christmas spirit.

Here are some great ideas you can do with your teenager as we get closer and closer to Christmastime. They will love these activities, even though they'll probably give you the eye roll:

5 Christmas Fun Ideas To Do With Teenagers

Believe it or not, your teenagers want to be a part of things. It doesn't always seem that way, but they really do. They are searching for Christmas magic, too.

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Even better if you want your teenagers to be more engaged with Christmas, invite their friends over to bake or watch a movie, too. If their friends want to help decorate the tree, also--that would be great. My daughter's friends are a part of our family, they're always invited, all the time and they know that.

Some fun ideas, not on my list include a Christmas Scavenger Hunt and indoor snowball fight, making some homemade crafts, and possibly take a train ride on a Christmas train. We have several here in New Jersey. Click here for more great ideas to do with your teenager at Christmastime.

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A list of NJ malls where you can get photos with Santa this holiday season

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