It's so sad to see one of your favorite places at the Shore close down for good last spring, and now being demolished.

Tomasz Wyszoamirski, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Tomasz Wyszoamirski, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

I remember all the fun we would have at Sea Girt Lanes. Friends and family when they would visit. My aunt and uncle loved Spring Lake and always had a house there in the summertime and Sea Girl Lanes was our place to go. The memories just pour out. I remember some girlfriends of mine met up there many, many times. It was the "hot" place to be and I loved it every time I went. The lanes to me always looked a little older than other bowling alleys and there was a different smell, but that makes the memories even stronger.

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So, as Sea Girt Lanes are getting demolished and the building is being taken down, there is no word on what is going there in that plot of land. Recently, I asked the question, "What do you want to see here?" So many responses came in from different restaurants to supermarkets. One thing is for sure, there were a lot of responses for something for kids and families. The area around the old Sea Girt Lanes would make a perfect spot for a roller rink or an arcade of some sort.

I know that lots of you stated you do not want another drugstore or fast food restaurant. I believe some of you also stated you do not want a Wawa (lol). But, as you know, if there is an empty area in New Jersey, especially in Monmouth and Ocean County, a Wawa is a big possibility. Here are the top 5 things you want to see at the "old" Sea Girt Lanes:

Top 5 Things You Want To See At the "Old" Sea Girt Lanes in Sea Girt, NJ

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