Hey tourists! Welcome to New Jersey...land of the tolls. Come on you must have heard about them, right? Then why are you so utterly surprised and panicked every time you get to one?

I know one thing for sure. There are plenty of signs. They're big and colorful and some of them even light up! And they give you plenty of notice. So can you tell me why
you are horrified and unprepared when you get to one?

Many of you have EZ Pass, so you think it would be, well, EZ, right? Yet it seems that finding an EZ Pass lane is definitely not. And we all know what happens. First the slam on the brake, then the 10 second late signal light, then the jerk and swerve, followed by the argument with the wife. And they have the nerve to call it EZ Pass.

And for those of you who don't have EZ Pass, here's a hint that will make your toll experience a little easier. Bring money, and for the love of summer, have it ready!! Don't decide when you get to the toll booth to then begin the endless search for your cash.

Before your next trip to the greatest vacation spot ever, the Jersey shore, print this out, keep it handy, follow the simple toll rules and have a great time in the land of beaches, sun and tolls.

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