Toms River Man Owes $1,216 in Backed Tolls
Let's fess up. We've dodged tolls on purpose or accidentally once or twice, maybe more. Most often we get the dreaded EZ Pass fine in the mail, pay up and move on. However, one Toms River man managed to not pay tolls at the Holland Tunnel and George Washington bridge since 2009.
Tourist Driving Lesson 2: The Tolls
Hey tourists! Welcome to New of the tolls. Come on you must have heard about them, right? Then why are you so utterly surprised and panicked every time you get to one?
I know one thing for sure. There are plenty of signs...
5 Things That Would Make New Jersey Better [LIST]
Watching The Giants have their victory parade in New York City today inspired this list. What would make our Garden State better? You're probably thinking to yourself, only 5? Good point, but we're both very busy people, so let's focus on the big 5....
If You Pay (Or Don’t Pay) Tolls, Read This
The NJ Department of Transportation is cracking down on toll cheats. Now, let's be honest. We've all missed a toll or two by accident, but now they've beefed up cameras and they are handing out fines. Speaking from experience, I took my EZ Pass tag from one car to another and forgot t…