As if we haven't been going through enough.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority have approved to raise the cost of tolls by 36% on the turnpike and 27% on the Garden State Parkway. Price increases will start September 13th.

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The additional revenue will be used on infrastructure projects like widening state highways that can be done quickly and efficiently while a majority of the public is not driving out on the roads.

Lets break it down.

Garden State Parkway

At main toll plazas, the cost for passenger vehicles is going from $1.50 to $1.90.

The Toms River toll is going from $.75 to $.95 and on and off ramp tolls that once cost between $.50 to $1.50 will now cost between $.65 to $1.90.

The largest class of trucks that once had to pay $9.00 at main toll plazas will now have to pay $11.445. Ramp plazas that once cost $3.25 to $9.00 will now be raised to cost between $4.15 to $11.45.


Passenger cars that travel from Exit 1 to Exit 18W once had to pay $13.85. The new cost to drive the entire stretch of the Turnpike will now be $18.85.

For the largest class of trucks, the cost to drive the Turnpike will go from costing $56.85 to $77.30.

Our only hope of these price increases NOT happening is if Governor Phil Murphy vetoes the plan himself. However, he hasn't commented on it too much.

So here is a silver lining. According to, the projects that will be completed using this additional money will add, "more than 450 miles of roadway and [an additional] 900,000 cars on the already congested highways." 

Is there any specific area of the GSP or Turnpike that you want to see happen first?

For more information on the upcoming toll increases and the subsequent roadwork projects to come, head to

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