Port Authority, how could you!?

I know you are sick and tired of these price increase announcements but I'd rather give you all the information rather versus you finding out the hard way.

If you work remotely, this news will not apply to you.

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If you are one of those city commuters, buckle up.

According to LeHighValleyLive.com, Port Authority will be increasing the cost of tolls....again.

This price change will apply to all Port Authority tunnels and bridges between New Jersey and New York City and these changes will take effect on January 1, 2023.

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You want to know the most hilarious part of this whole story? Officials are blaming inflation.

I find this laughable. "Oh yea, everything costs more which means this has to cost more too."


I get that with more expensive prices it costs more money to operate but give me a break.

Can anyone give all of us a chance to catch out breath in this economy?

I guess not because all tolls will be increasing by $1.00 for E-ZPass and cash tolls.

Here are the new numbers according to LehighvalleyLive.com:

Current Cost of E-ZPass Tolls For Passenger Vehicles (Off Peak Hours) - $11.75
2023 Cost of E-ZPass Tolls For Passenger Vehicles (Off Peak Hours) - $12.75

Current Cost of E-ZPass Tolls For Passenger Vehicles (Peak Hours) - $13.75
2023 Cost of E-ZPass Tolls For Passenger Vehicles (Peak Hours) - $14.75

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Current Cost of Cash Tolls - $16.00
2023 Cost of Cash Tolls - $17.00

I know I have been saying this a lot these days but it is not unwarranted: bite me.

With all these price increases, there better be a statewide raise because this is getting beyond ridiculous.

Help!? Anyone?

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