During one of my daily walks with my oh-so-adorable dog Carolina, I witnessed a bit of an incident on Route 35 in Lavallette.

My jaw was on the floor.

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So to help you visualize the incident, take a look at the image below.

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So Carolina and I we were walking on the right side of the road close that was located close to an intersection. A group of bike riders stopped at the stop sign and were looking to cross the road.

The purple car came to a stop -- as you are supposed to -- to let the riders cross.

The blue car behind him honked his horn. And this wasn't a regular honk....he held that sucker down so it sounded like "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNKKKKKK!!!" which in New Jersey is clear message...almost like giving the bird with your horn. Yowza.

So naturally, other cars and nearby walkers were giving this guy nasty looks because this was just so unnecessary.

The guy in the blue car then continued on with his tantrum by rolling his window down and throwing his hands up in the air.

"There is no crosswalk at this intersection!"


So the driver in the red car yelled, "Pedestrians have the right away! What is your problem?!"

Then the driver in the red green screamed, "You didn't want to let the other group of people at the last crosswalk cross safely either!" He then looks to the cop that was on patrol and said, "Please, pull this guy over. He is causing problems for everyone!"

I just so happened to be walking past the cop car just as this entire exchange finished up.

"Man, people are losing it, huh?"

I just nodded and continued on with my day.

But WOW!

For so many people to get worked up by this one car means that he was probably causing issues throughout his entire drive down Route 35.

Hey buddy...you were literally driving in the heart of a beach town where people are walking and riding their bikes to and from the beach all day long.

Not to mention, kids and teenagers can be seen riding their bikes all over town because people of all ages are down here for family vacations.

You'll also find that people are playing cornhole, basketball and other games out in front of their houses so anytime you are in a beach town, you should be going slow and steady because there are people and activities happening everywhere.

One thing I love about living down here is that everyone is in such a good mood because we are right by the beach.

So maybe you should also change your mindset to a more positive one like those who are surrounding you. So you have to wait an extra two minutes so teenagers can safely cross the road....what is the big deal?

Your rage can get someone seriously hurt.

So stick to the Garden State Parkway next time so us beach-town people can enjoy our haven safely and in peace.

Thank you in advance.

Nicole S. Murray

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