If you want to feel ready for when those summer days finally hit, it is time to start preparing NOW.

The bathing suit can be the angel and the devil all at the same time because if you are wearing one, it usually means you are out in the sun but it hides absolutely nothing.

Well, major changes can happen by making a few simple changes to your daily lifestyle so you can have a summer that you will never forget.

1. Drink More Water

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There is nothing more important than constantly hydrating your body. Water replenishes your body -- especially after a workout, gives you more energy, helps to clear up your skin, helps to keep you full to help eliminate snacking between meals, and is calorie-free.  I never thought I would say this about water but, chug a lug!

2. Set Specific Goals

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By identifying exactly what you are aiming to change, you can create a diet and work out schedule that will more specifically cater to you.  Whether it be just plain old weight loss or toning of certain body areas, the choices will vary.

3. Keep An Exercise Calendar

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Write down when and what workouts you plan to do when you go to the gym so it is set in stone. You are less likely to skip your workout or choose an easier option if you plan your days out ahead of time when you are inspired to make the change.  Not to mention, going to the gym at the same time each day helps to get better results because your body is adapting to exerting energy at specific times.

4. Join A Class

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Getting up and making the change to incorporate exercise into your schedule is an accomplishment all on its own but why not truly make them count. On average, you burn more calories and work out with that much more intensity when you  know other people are watching and are trying accomplish the same goals!

5. Write Down What You Eat

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Each day, write down what you had to eat to help keep track of your daily intake. You may be cheating a tad more than you realize. Not to mention, you will be less inclined to have that cookie sitting in the conference room if you are forced to write it down afterwards.

6. Experiment with Different Types of Workouts

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Your body will quickly adapt if you are doing the same type of work out over and over again. You need to keep your mind and body guessing and there are plenty options including running, biking, sports leagues, swimming, and so much more depending on your interests! Plus, by experimenting you may find your new favorite work out.

7. Avoid Junk Food and Alcohol

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This may seem like a no brainer but is probably one of the hardest habits to change - GET THIS STUFF OUT OF YOUR PANTRY. It does work best if you make changes little by little. Once you adapt, you are cutting out  crazy amounts of calories that could take hours to burn off. Once you eliminate the unhealthy extremes, keeping everything in moderation becomes a lot easier.

8. Prep and Portion Your Meals

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Make healthy options in bulk so you have options to grab and go during your busy work week. If you head out without homemade food, the temptation for unhealthy food is all around you and is cheaper and easier to get than healthy options. Come prepared so you avoid a sticky situation.

Good luck and can’t wait to see you at the beach!

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