I cannot even believe what I am reading but apparently in Virginia, it is considered illegal to go trick or treating if kids are 13 years old or older.

But wait it gets worse -- some states only allow teens (13 to 18 years old) to go trick or treating if they are with a parent or a guardian.


Now, if caught they would only be charged with a misdemeanor but that does not make this situation any better.

I just want to make sure I understand -- you would rather discourage kids from an innocent night of going house to house with friends collecting candy then getting into who knows what kind of trouble?

I feel like the only other option kids would actually want to participate in is some type of Halloween party -- and we ALL know what that could mean.

I trick or treated as LONG as I could because it was innocent fun and who doesn't love candy?

Please oh please tell me you would be outraged if this idea was brought to the Jersey Shore.

Don't believe that this is real? Check out the article at Kiro7.com.

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