Things are heating up in Bon Temps...

When True Blood ended last week we saw Sookie being attacked by best friend turned vampire Tara, which is where “Authority Always Wins!” begins.

Tara had Sookie against a tree and bit her neck. A clearly amused Pam eventually pulled her off and commanded her not to attack Sookie or Lafayette before throwing her into the house. Tara seems like more animal than human now. Is this the result of the gun shot? Is it permanent? Inside the house, Tara attacked Lafayette but hesitated and ran off instead of biting him. Was it a flash of humanity or simply her obeying Pam's order not to harm them? Lafayette cut his arm to lure Tara back out and while she was distracted Sookie threw a silver chain around her neck and they took her downstairs into the hatch Eric had installed last season.

Marcus (or what's left of him) was being eaten by the werewolf pack. I'm still not on board with this ritual. Alcide passed on the Marcus buffet and also refused to fill the now vacant position of pack master. The werewolves didn't seem too happy. Alcide didn't seem to care. He's a one man wolf pack. Meanwhile, Arlene woke up to a sleepwalking(?) Terry standing over her. He was having a flashback of his unit in Iraq that was most likely the incident Patrick hinted at last week.

Back at Fangtasia, Pam had a flashback of her own. Finally, fans get a Pam backstory. Human Pam worked in a brothel and it seems like vampires were part of her clientel.

At the Vampire Authority, Eric, Bill and Nora were thrown in cells. The Authority interogated them using ultraviolet lights and pumping silver into their veins to get them to talk. Bill's interrogator asked him if he subscribed to the literal interpretation of the Vampire Bible. Wait, the what? In the Vampire Bible, God is a Vampire that created Lilith in his image, while Adam and Eve (and the rest of humanity) were created to be food. Interesting. Eric was subjected to the same silver treatment as Bill, and even though both were told the other had turned on them, neither budged. Bill and Eric, BFFs till the end.

Martha made an unexpected stop at Luna's looking to see Emma, her granddaughter. Before being thrown out, she explained to Luna that her daughter might become a wolf instead of a shapeshifter and would need a pack of her own one day.

 Meanwhile, Jessica was taking full advantage of Bill's hospitality and throwing another party when Steve Newlin showed up. He asked to speak to Jessica and offered her money for Jason! This Jessica vs. Steve battle with Jason stuck in the middle is going to be very entertaining this season. Terry continued to have flashbacks to Iraq and Arlene, having nowhere else to turn, visited Patrick. Terry showed up and sent Arlene out. Then, he let Patrick know that Keller wasn't actually dead and agreed to go with him to see if Keller is the one behind the fires.

After hearing noises in Emma's room, Luna walked in to discover her daughter had changed into a wolf. The question is, did she transform into a werewolf (like her father), or did she shapeshift into a wolf (like her mother)? Back at Sookie's, Tara woke up slightly less savage beast-like. Upon realizing what she's become, she swore she would never forgive Sookie or Lafayette and ran off.

Inside the Vampire Authority, the council gathered to decide the fates of team Bill and Eric. The decision was to stake them both, but before either could receive the true death, Bill offered a trade; their lives for Russell Edgington's. Apparently Sookie wasn't the only one who was unaware Russell hadn't been killed. "Authority Always Wins!" ended with our first look at the recently escaped Russell. He looked terrible. One of the highlights last season was the incredible job the effects department did making him look he was before being buried, so hopefully his recovery won't be too speedy.

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