I have always wanted to attend a farm-to-table 'pop up' dinner, having seen them on TV, and I finally did! Put this on your must-do list of unique experiences.

I have knows about Chefs Wendy and Josh of Chefs Prep because they are amazing at creating healthy, clean, innovative and delicious meals and have been on TV shows showing the public what they are capable of creating in the 'foodie' world.

I follow these local, beloved chefs and finally had the opportunity to attend one of their Pop-Up dinners. I knew the food would be amazing...but I had never heard of the place where their Farm to Table dinners are held.

(Chefs Wendy and Josh of Chefs Prep)

So it was also a wonderful surprise to discover Beyond Organic in Freehold -- a beautiful farm that supports local chefs and provides many unique events to our community, including Farmer's Markets, Yoga, and Tai Chi classes on their farmland.

The atmosphere inside their greenhouse for the dinners is like that of a fairytale. Along the outside of the property are gorgeous, colorful wildflowers, but on the inside, framing the dinner table, are lettuces, leafy greens, and microgreens all growing while you eat (with natural 'waterfall' sounds!)  It is stunning to experience.

We arrived at 6 pm to some wonderful music and the sound of waterfalls. Over appetizers we were able to enjoy a gorgeous sunset over the green meadow, and then, as dusk settled in, we were treated to Chefs Wendy and Josh serving the most incredible 5-course meal to us along the long table of strangers-turned-friends by evening's end.

If you have a group of friends that likes to dine out and wants a new experience, or if you want a romantic date night, this is something that is rare to find and a spectacular experience.

CLICK HERE for upcoming events at Beyond Organic, 89 Howell Road in Freehold. Follow them on social media HERE.

CLICK HERE to find out more about meals from Chef Wendy and Chef Josh at Chefs Prep. Follow them on social media HERE.

(Photo courtesy of Beyond Organic)