New research suggests that most women have at some point tried to change something about their man...whether it's their hairstyle, how they dress, or the kinds of movies they watch. My mother always told me you should never try to change a man, mostly because it won't work, and they'll likely start to resent you for it after a while.

Besides, if there are things about him you want to change, why are you with him in the first place? I would never want a man telling me how to eat, what to wear, or how to spend my money. He should like me for who I am! The same goes for how we treat our men. Now, if your man needs to learn that you shouldn't be able to see your toes when you have your shoes on... maybe buy him some new shoes. Not because you're embarrassed of his feet, but because, well, he's probably just lazy, and is never going to buy them himself. Yes, he clearly is looking for someone to be his replacement Mommy, and not his significant other, but you should know that going in. Once a Mama's Boy, Always a Mama's Boy. Getting him to go vegan for you isn't gonna change that.

And while we're on the subject, don't try to get him to dress how you dress, eat what you eat, and watch what you watch. There's nothing more annoying that couple that does everything exactly alike.

So 'fess up...if you could, what would change about your man (or woman)?

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